Our Services

We are a formidable company that engages in the provision of consultancy services in the following areas; Public and Private Finance, Auditing, Taxation, Research and the following areas of Information and Communication Technology; Software Development, Database Management, System Design and Development, Project Management, ICT Consultancy, System Acquisition and Installation, e-Government Strategy and Capacity Building/Training.

Our services are high quality professional consultancy services backed up with a wide spectrum of experienced and skilled professionals and experts.

We have strong record of value-added services to Federal and State Government assignments, Financial Management, Software implementations and Capacity Building projects. As usual, we would undertake any given assignment with the drive and commitment that success demands.

Our capabilities and strength lie in our ability to provide solution to problems that require the integration of diverse technical resources and skills to deliver a comprehensive solution for large projects.

Our technical staffs are experienced and knowledgeable public sector managers, as well as diverse expertise of the private sector, who are always available to provide profound expertise necessary in the various aspects projects in both public and private sectors.

What we Offer.

1. Consulting Services:

The Consultancy services unit of JKC renders services to both private and public sector organizations and covers all conceivable areas of where advisory services are required to enable all co-operant factors work together in unison and harmony to move an institution, a department and a whole organization forward. Our services can be tailored to the peculiar needs of each institution and organization.

2. Capacity Building & Training:

The Capacity Building and Training Package is an integral department of JKC. It is located in the headquarter of the company in the Federal Capital City of Abuja. Courses are however run, not only in Abuja, but across the state capitals in Nigeria. We also run international programmes in certain centers of the World like London, Washington, Dubai, Canada, Singapore and South Africa.

Book Keeping & Accounting

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Audit and Assurance

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Financial Advisory Services

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Human Resources

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Project Management

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