Training Courses

Our programmes are delivered by our experienced professionals with versatile exposure in IPSAS Implementation.
1 Fundamentals of Basic Accounting for Fresh Bank Officers Banking
2 Elements of Banking and Finance Banking
3 Basic Economic Theory for newly recruited bankers Banking
4 Banking Inspection and Control Banking
5 Introduction to money and capital markets Banking
6 Global Best Practice in Public Finance Management Financial
7 Fraud Prevention, Investigation and Prosecution Financial
8 Modern Internal Auditing Practices in both Public and Private Sector Financial
9 External Auditor and Financial Statement Credibility Financial
10 Financial Rules, Regulations and Best Practices in the Management of Public Fund Financial
11 Effective Budget Preparation, Implementation and Monitoring Financial
12 Store and Inventory Management Financial
13 Transparency and Accountability as Sustainable Factors for Good Governance Good Governance
14 Project Management for Effective Utilization of Public and Private Fund Good Governance
15 Contract Management and Due Process in Procurement Good Governance
16 Leadership Training for Local Government Officials Good Governance
17 Minutes and Report Writing for Secretaries and Personal Assistants Good Governance
18 Financial Management in Public Sector Good Governance
19 ICT Skills for Efficient and Effective Service Delivery Information and Communications Technology
20 ICT as Tools for Information and Data Management in the Public Sector Information and Communications Technology
21 Overview of Cloud Computing Information and Communications Technology
22 The Use of ICT and Internet Skills To Support Learning and Teaching In Schools Information and Communications Technology
23 Information Security Management Information and Communications Technology
24 Application of ICT to Human Resource Management Information and Communications Technology
25 Computer Assisted Auditing and Risk Management Information and Communications Technology
26 e-Government Strategies and Implementation Information and Communications Technology
27 Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) Information and Communications Technology
28 Internet Basics and Applications Information and Communications Technology
29 Procurement and Material Management Management
30 Effective Communication and Presentation Skills Management
31 Stress and Time Management to Enhance Work Performance Management
32 Business Writing Skills Management
33 Effective People Management Management
34 Oil & Gas Accounting Oil and Gas
35 Risk Management in Oil & Gas Oil and Gas
36 Effective Management of Oil & Gas Sector Oil and Gas
37 Effective Oil and Gas Procurement Oil and Gas
38 Taxation in the Oil and Gas Industry Oil and Gas
39 Global Best Practices in Project Management Project Management
40 Designing, Developing and Managing Donor Funded Projects Project Management
41 Planning and Implementing Large and Complex Public Programmes Project Management
42 Public Private Partnership (PPP) Project Management
43 Change Management Principles to Sustain Public Service Reform Public Adminstration
44 Strategic Management Principles for Public Service Middle Level Managers Public Adminstration
45 Planning for Retirement Programme Public Adminstration
46 Good Etiquette Programme for Secretaries and Personal Assistants Public Adminstration
47 Developing a good Work Ethics in an organization Public Adminstration
48 Understanding The Nigeria Tax System Taxation Courses
49 Fundamentals of Nigerian Taxation Taxation Courses
50 Tax Audit and Investigation Process and Technique Taxation Courses
51 Revenue Estimation in Budget Preparation Taxation Courses
52 Understanding the Practical Approach to Personal Income Tax Taxation Courses
53 Transfer Pricing Compliance Taxation Courses
54 Domestic Resource Mobilization Taxation Courses
55 Train- the-Trainer on IPSAS (Transparent Financial Reporting) Cash and Accrual Based Transparent Financial Reporting for Good Governance Courses
56 Budgeting Process under IPSAS Transparent Financial Reporting for Good Governance Courses
57 Auditing under IPSAS Environment Transparent Financial Reporting for Good Governance Courses
58 International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) Transparent Financial Reporting for Good Governance Courses
59 International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS) Transparent Financial Reporting for Good Governance Courses
60 Management of IPSAS as a Project (Global Best Practice) Transparent Financial Reporting for Good Governance Courses